The benefits and identification method of tiger's eye stone

The benefits and identification method of tiger's eye stone

Tiger eye stone is a type of quartz jade. Tiger eye stone is mostly brownish-yellow. Its appearance is like silk-like light patterns and has a cat-eye effect. The overall look is very similar to tiger eyes. Therefore, it is called tiger's eye stone. In people’s eyes, tiger’s eye has a sense of mystery. This mystery will endow tiger’s eye with certain functions and functions, and the effect and function of tiger’s eye are very beneficial to people. What are the effects?


The efficacy and role of tiger's eye stone 1: inspire courage and cure certain diseases

The benefits and identification method of tiger's eye stone

The brown-yellow color of tiger's eye corresponds to the sun wheel and manipula of the human body. It can prevent people from developing depression, stimulate people's courage, and enable the wearer to implement things consistently, adhere to principles, and resolve stress to achieve goals; of course, tiger's eye also It can relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, relieve cold symptoms and bronchitis, and treat eye diseases. Therefore, if you are suffering from eye problems or gastrointestinal problems, you may wish to buy a tiger-eye jewelry to wear.


The effect and function of tiger's eye stone 2: Helping health

The benefits and identification method of tiger's eye stone

The golden-yellow color of tiger's eye stone corresponds to the sun wheel and also corresponds to the umbilical wheel. It has the function of re-purifying and adjusting the discomfort of the body after overeating, and it can bring a warm feeling to the body, which can quickly improve cold symptoms, asthma and bronchus Yan can also use her own energy to strengthen joints and bones, soothe and calm the metabolic nervous system.


Identification of Tiger's Eye:

The benefits and identification method of tiger's eye stone

(1) Seeing: During the formation process of natural crystal, it is always affected by the environment and always contains some impurities. When observing the sun, you can see faint uniform and small horizontal stripes or catkin-like substances. The fake crystals are mostly smelted with inferior crystal slag and glass slag, which are polished, colored and imitated, without uniform stripes or catkins.

(2) Tongue licking: Even in the hot summer days, licking the surface of natural crystal with your tongue will feel cold and cool. Fake crystals don’t feel cool.

(3) Illumination: The natural crystal is placed upright under the sunlight, no matter from which angle it is viewed, it can emit beautiful brilliance. Fake crystals cannot.

(4) Hardness: The natural crystal has a high hardness. A slight scratch on the ornament with gravel will not leave a trace; if there are streaks, it is a fake crystal.

(5) Check with a polarizer: under the polarizer rotate 360 ​​degrees, there are four bright and four dark changes are natural crystal, there is no change is fake crystal.

(6) Check with dichroism: natural amethyst has dichroism, while fake crystal has no dichroism.

(7) Check with a magnifying glass: Check with a ten times magnifying glass under transmitted light, and the bubbles that can be found can basically be regarded as fake crystals.

(8) Check with hair strands: Put the crystal on a strand of hair, and the double shadow of the hair strand can be seen through the crystal by the human eye, it is natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has birefringence.

(9) Detect with thermal conductivity meter: adjust the thermal conductivity meter to green 4 grids to test gemstones, natural crystal can rise to 2 grids of yellow, while fake crystals can rise to 1 grid when the area is not large.

The benefits and identification method of tiger's eye stone